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What is AquaPilates?

The key principles of Pilates are:

Following the popularity of Pilates, a new discipline is catching on, which is the result of the teachings of Joseph Pilates and new well-being trends: Aqua Pilates.

This sport is a form of exercise made up of movements and natural positions (apart from the variants of Pilates, all exercises are carried out using the natural body weight) combined with deep psychophysical concentration. This is why Aqua Pilates can be counted as a holistic discipline, that is, an activity that trains both th colore mind & body, and this combination is not a coincidence; it is fundamental for carrying out the activity. Keeping the mind, spirit, body and emotions in harmony improves your quality of life and your health.

Why is it better in the water?

It takes an effort on dry land to try and tighten your core abdominal muscles. In water the effect is even greater as you need to maintain your balance and perform the exercises in addition to tensing your core muscles.